Build a Library for the Children of Kenosha

Donate today to invest in families throughout the community.

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Donate today to invest in families throughout the community.

We believe in kids.

Children are the ultimate explorers, brimming with questions about who they are and their place in the world. Libraries have the answers. In Kenosha, we’re building a place of hope in a neighborhood hungry for rebirth.

Come dream with us.

Imagine a place just for children that inspires the athlete to become an artist, the bookworm to become an adventurer, and the quiet child to become an actress. Imagine a safe and quiet place where every child is nurtured to discover their own talents, believe in a brighter future, and make new and lasting friendships.

Intentionally designed spaces will center learning with play - as libraries have always done - to support children’s natural curiosity and inspire them to reach their full potential. A carefully curated collection will ensure that all Kenosha's children will find themselves, their families, and their stories reflected in the books on the shelves. Beautifully designed interactive modules will invite kids to get hands-on with learning, exploring in a safe and guided space to learn more about what interests them most. Programs developed by our expert teams will strengthen early literacy rates, provide learning opportunities for families to enjoy together, and nurture every child’s social/ emotional development.

We need you.

Your donation is more than a check; it's an investment. It's a promise to the kids in your neighborhood, your city, and your life that you believe they can do wonderful things. Thank you for your support as we grow the next generation of leaders right here in our backyard.

If you are interested in setting up your gift as a pledge, please reach out to Brandi Cummings at or 262-564-6113.